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Looking for local, organic, chemical-free products, grass-fed dairy or grass-finished meat?

Harvest Club is a community food buying clubserving Stanford, Hermanus and surrounds, but also connected to a network of food clubs around SA.

As an alternative to the unsustainable industrial farming and mass-supermarket system, a group buying club is designed as a simple and transparent way for you to support local food makers and small, organic and regenerative farmers actively working to heal our soils and better nourish our bodies.

What is a food club?

Harvest Club is not a typical online shop, it’s a community buying club where you can order any goods you’d like from our shop during the order window period, and we’ll then place one collective order directly with the farmers and food producers.

Harvest Club organises all the logistics in the background and when the goodies arrive, we host a collection day once or twice a month where you can collect at a venue in Stanford or Hermanus.

Why join a food club?

As a food club, we put our collective food spend together, buying directly from farmers and food makers who care about their impact on people and the planet.

Buying as a collective ensures we pay the best prices directly from the farmers, artisans and ethical producers.

Our purchase power as a group means we can source fantastic foods that would be impossible to order solo.

Local farmers get to set a fair price, and more of your money goes directly to supporting those who grow, harvest and make the nutritious foods that better heals our soil, our planet and our bodies.

Chemical-Free Foods
Power of buying as a group
Big Cost Savings
Access to better products

Want local food that’s good for your health AND the environment?

We do too! Come join in with us.

Harvest Club started as a gathering of locals from Hermanus, Stanford and surrounds interested in great food and supporting healthier, natural farming methods.

As a group, we actively collaborate and support our local foodies and farmers, and can also access a wide range of goods via our food club partner platform, FoodClubHub.

Typical items include local artisan products, grass-fed meats and organic dairy, nutrient-dense foods, natural cleaning products, ethically sourced coffee, quality dry goods, collagen, healthy oils, etc.

Harvest Club collates the orders and handles all logistics and admin. Members then collect their ordered goodies a week later at our Collection Day in Stanford and Hermanus.

No obligation, no commitment – you’re free to place an order or not.

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No commitment – you’re free to order or not. 

“The Food Club platform has been amazing for us as a growing farm business.

It has enabled us to reach lots of new people who share the same values as us (ethical, regenerative practice and quality over quantity) when it comes to choosing what to eat, while at the same time keeping the “food chain” very personal. We can communicate almost directly with the people buying our produce – through the host of each club. This allows a lot of trust and respect to flow both ways.

We believe that by eating as much as possible from our local area and supporting ethical local business, we can create a bright future in terms of soil health, planet health and our own health and well-being.”


Food Club Producer at Overberg Pastured Poultry

“I love being a part of the movement to build a new, healthy, regenerative food system that’s good for the planet and good for the people who live on it!”


Host of the Be.Hive Food Club in Somerset West

“Food clubs really are an ethical system – ethical in that the farmer gets a fair price for its labour, ethical to the earth and ethical to our bodies. I am so impressed.”


Food Club Producer at Gabrielsrist Permaculture Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How does a food club work?

It’s a community food buying club where you get to place your orders via an online shop that opens once or twice a month.

We then send all the orders to the farmers and producers, who then have a week to harvest, pack and deliver to our Stanford and Hermanus venues, where members come and collect their orders on a set ‘market day’.

Can I join if I don't live in Stanford or Hermanus?

The great news is that there are similar food clubs right throughout South Africa! Here’s a map to find a food club near you, hosted by FoodClubHub.

But if you live anywhere in the Overstrand area – including Kleinmond, Gansbaai, Kleinbaai, Franskraal, Baardskeerdersbos, and surrounds – then sign up to join our Harvest Club and let’s talk about how to get your goodies to you.

Why not just shop at a supermarket?

Great question! Let’s count the ways:

1) Did you know that some of the very best produce never makes it to a supermarket? That’s because the really good stuff is usually farmed by smaller farmers with seasonal produce.

Supermarkets expect a consistent supply andtend to buy from the larger farms, who often have to rely on chemical and industrial farming methods to keep consistent.

2) As a member of Harvest Club, you’ll get access to organic or regeneratively-farmed fruits, veggies, nuts and heirloom grains, as well pasture-raised eggs, meat and dairy that you’ve never seen in any supermarket!

3) With Harvest Club, the farmers and food-makers get to set a fair price for their goods, rather than being forced to the last cent by the mass retailers.

4) And with our clever system of group buying, you get the best price direct from the producer and all the logistic costs get shared.

This means you get far better quality foods in a way that directly supports the producers and at the lowest possible price.

What about the local farmer's markets?

Hermanus and Stanford have some wonderful markets and we love seeing what we can get there each week!

Harvest Club works differently in that you can place pre-orders once or twice a month for those items you usually can’t find at the weekly market.

The farmers and producers also benefit by receiving these orders ahead of time, meaning they know exactly how much to harvest and pack, eliminating their usual market day problems of either selling out way too fast, or having too much that gets wasted.

But actually, a food club and a farmer’s market works beautifully together! You’ll get certain goodies you know you need from the food club, and delight in discovering the things you didn’t know you need at a market!

Can I join even if I don't buy each month?

Yes! There’s no commitment, subscription or obligation to buy anything.

Simply join as a member so that we can notify you of what’s available each month, and you’re then free to order something, or not. Easy peasy.

How do collections and deliveries work?

Once you’ve placed an order (you’ll need to first sign up to create your account on our FoodClubHub page), we’ll collate all the orders and coordinate the supplier deliveries to our central location in Stanford.

All the goods will be delivered fresh or frozen to our cool room and freezers and we’ll then host a ‘Market Day’ for you to come collect your order, wither on Sunset Place Farm, just 1km outside Stanford, or at an easy, convenient venue in Hermanus.

All the details and dates – for online shopping and the collection Market Days – will be communicated with you well ahead of time. Make sure to sign up for our email updates to get the notifications!

What if I can’t collect? 

If there’s a problem with collection, you can coordinate with Robynn, your Harvest Club host, to make an alternative arrangement.

Any home deliveries or courier fees will then be for your own account.

Get in touch

Have a question? Want to supply us with amazing produce? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Robynn de Klerk, your Harvest Club host, based in Stanford, South Africa.


+27 83 324 1521


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